Saturday, August 16, 2014

Breaking up!

Some break ups can be hard to handle. All the time spent with someone... just to have it slowly fade.Wanting things to work out and trying to express your wants and needs... but its not really happening. Ah... feels not so good, does it?

But, what if that break up is for yourself? For you to be happy?
Well... I am going to break up with Sprint.
 I have been with them for about 7 or maybe 8 years.
They just aren't cutting it for me with high prices when my budget is already tight.

I will admit, their customer service has gotten better over the years, but its just not feasible at the moment. I am looking forward to a new phone and have been looking at a few new companies. Its been a couple of years that I wanted to make a switch over, but thought , 'Nah.. maybe another two years.' Then it drags out longer.

I get kinda iffy and stall with things like this. Maybe it will be a Christmas gift to myself or something, lol! I'd prolly have all the details and what phone I want by then. I will most likely stay with Android phones.
Not that much into iPhones, even though they get some cool apps at times.

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