Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Golds Infinity on Yesstyle + Review

Sleeveless Lace front Dress
The soft colour of Chocobo feather

I was super scared putting this thing on my head.
 I didn't want it to fall off and break. D:

Though I usually don't use these words to describe clothes I own.... this dress is super cute, girly and flirty! I LOVE IT. I was tempted to wear and get the black dress while I was at Anime Expo, but decided against it. 

Being a one size fits all item, I was worried that it would not fit my boobs, rib cage area, or the straps wouldn't fit my arms and shoulders too well like with a lot of other clothes from Golds. But with this item, that wasn't the case! The chest area is snug enough to combat chest jiggles too which is a plus. 
As part of a wide array of gyaru brands, they are also pretty affordable compared to some of the counterparts in girly wear.

Con: The zipper gets a little stuck while unzipping when its on, but I think maybe a little wax rubbed on the zipper's teeth should fix that problem. 
It does need a bit of ironing to knock out some of the wrinkles.
Doesn't get much bigger than this size... yet...


So IF you all didn't know, Golds Infinity is now linked on Yesstyle.com as of June!
Check it out here! Golds+Yesstyle
There is also a 20% off sale on select items throughout the webshop 
and free shipping on orders over 25 bucks too!

My Picks!

Ciao ciao~


  1. I've always love GOLDS Infinity but have yet to purchase anything since I'm worried about the sizing. Would you say this would compare to a Extra small, small or medium? Just for reference. Thanks :)

    1. This particular dress I would say would fit a medium at most. The material isn't super super stretchy at the chest area.
      I don't have accurate measurements for myself, but I hope this helps!

  2. I've been wanting to order from there too, but I'm nervous buying from places I've never ordered from before.

    1. I understand! Especially with sizing and stretchiness of items. Measuring yourself and guestimating can give you some off results at time! D:


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