Thursday, July 10, 2014

Anime Expo 2014

Anime Expo 2014... Gee whiz. I met a lot of people again, familiar and new faces. I didn't do as much exploring the convention floor this year but that is ok. This year was a lot to take in all at once for me! 

Being from Chicago, the land of hotdogs and pizza, I had to try out Tokyo Doggie Style Hotdogs topped with savory curry and tart, crunchy pickled horseradish (?) on top. OMG, SO GOOD! ;-; 

Shop Staff!

Junko and Junji

Legendary Paralist Dtan and Black Gyaru Jasmine
Kokokim Shoppe Staff

They were pretty cool dudes. The one in the middle kept
calling everything Pikachu LOL. He was very lively.

Old School Manba! 

Mari and Kristi

These were too cute! There was some meticulous
 craftsmanship for the Pastry Crown! 
Golds Infinity team!
Ghost of Harlem Shoppe

Golds' belts?!
Ghost of Harlem Shoppe Staff

Me and Ami at the NHK booth!
She is wearing an outfit
From Kokokim, and I, Golds Infinity.
Photo courtesy thanks to Kathy H.

Danny Choo Playing with his Doll
Swankiss Designer. I really loved her hair
Fashion Show

The fashion show was a bit wonky this year, but the outfits and energy was very nice, I also digged the Alice in Wonderland-esque theme with the leaves and mushrooms for decorations! 
Kawaii Contest
Ghost Of Harlem
Akane from Happie Nuts
Akane and the Designer for Ghost of Harlem

   Michi and friends also turnt up for her bday party!

You can check out more pix on my Instagram too! 


  1. Aaah I'm so jealous, your expos are so much better than ours in the UK! ;_; Hopefully I can go to one and buy some beautiful brand items *_*
    Looks like you had lots of fun! :D

    1. I'd love to check out anime cons and expos from outside this one and the ones where I live. If you do come, let's try and meet up!!


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