Tuesday, June 24, 2014

LishaMisha22 Is Back!

After a long while of throwing ideas around with several people, tweaking some things and fussing over templates......
Here are some Site updates!

  • Added social media buttons! Yippu!
  • Still sketching out ideas for a new banner but overall things are updated! Maybe fancier html stuff will be in order... but much later!
  • Also updated my Tumblr and finally got around to making pages on there for my art and also other stuff! YIPPU! I am pretty happy with it now.
  • I updated the Shoppe and Events tabs with some clothes and events and will keep those (more so the events) updated regularly!
  • General Sites maintenance!

So, at least I can chill out about the look of the blog for now.... Just need to get the portfolio site in order more. @__@;

Aside from all that, I am trying to get the finishing touches of packing and prepping for July! I will be attending Anime Expo again. I am nervous or maybe it is excitement! I have a vague idea for my hair style this year.... but clothes... no clue!  But, I cannot wait to see what my L.A. gals will be wearing and what items the brands such as Golds Infinity and Ghost of Harlem will be showcasing for this Spring and Summer collection!

Sadly enough, I will not be able to attend Anime Midwest again this year.But, I do hope to catch a lot of pictures of the cosplays that will be done there!

Monday, June 9, 2014

quikie post

I kinda like the revival of 90s stuff, and seeing a lot of 90s things. I borrowed a few books the other day, and I realized I didnt get into stuff like that with my artsy friends when college life took some of us to separate parts of the Midwest.

Listening to metal songs or maybe the newest hit in Japan.
I remember things like pix of  sophisticated looking gold and green houndstooth nail polish stickers. Jp rock concerts in milwaukee. Huddled in a corner with easels walling us off from the rest of the class. Hiding behind tinted paper and metal structure, like stationary flags on a boat.

I think I continued to do so even after high school. Face staring at the paper or screen all the time. Trying to perfect how to do something while lacking in social skills even when I feel that you are supposed to know how right off the bat.

90s revival? More like social skills of 1990's era kids.
And even now, when I feel like I could be understanding people and not just my own mind, I am not. I am trying to find a job I like that I have to have social skills for and be able to understand people!
Communications design.... okies...

But, life is a learning venture. And things will keep looping until something changes.
One day at a time, right?