Thursday, May 15, 2014

Go GAL Go!

Graduation is right around the corner! OMG
The limbo period is almost over! I do not feel ready even though I am just waiting to hear my name and to walk across the stage to grab a piece of paper... I am so nervous!
5 LOOOOONG years have passed like an eye blinking! Its nuts!
I just hope that since being a graduate will FINALLY be official, I will get more job ops and a lot of freelance! 

Now, I have to get outfits ready for this weekend! I will be at Acen this year and I hope to meet a lotta people, and to also celebrate my 7th year at Acen! 
I think I will try to cosplay this year... It will be.... something LOL. But I hope it will look decent! 

bye bye! I gotta finish alotta stuff tonight ;-;

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