Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dream With Me!

So, I have been trying to recall my dreams better these days and to also try harder at Lucid Dreaming!
One of the first times I remembered Lucid Dreaming was when I was in elementary school at O'Keeffe. I had a terrible dream a few nights in a row that replayed over and over about a horrible man trying to harm his customer that went to his barber shop.

I told a loved one about it, and he told me that if I can concentrate really hard while I sleep about what I wanted to do in the dream to prevent it from happening, I could change the outcome of my dream.

So, it took me a while, but when I felt that the dream was happening again, I could think on what I wanted to do to cause a distraction, fight back something. I don't recall what I did since it was so many years ago, but my dream did change! I was able to change the outcome!

There have been a few other dreams that I had where I would slip into it and could almost control my self in the dream world. Albeit, not precisely, as it felt similar to trying to control a shopping cart with a very wobbly wheel that won't let you push it 100% in one direction!

I hope to keep trying at Lucid Dreaming more!
Until next time!

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