Friday, May 9, 2014

Balance it Out!

Windy City Gal's tips for Beginners!

Over the years, seeing gals try out gal make up, there have been a few things that got to me: the lack of balance. I think it is one of the things that grows with the person doing the make up to learn balancing out the aesthetics especially for the more extreme and heavier make up styles.

Balance issue: Think of your favorite (or a ) Drag Queen. Now, if you have a pic of them without their glorious locks but their make up is on in full, it looks kinda weird until their hair is on and poppin.

Pic from Rupaul's Drag Race

Cake faced glory

Got on one of my FAVE pairs of lens and Diamond Nudy eye lashes.... but no hair!! ARRGHGHHGHG!!!

Beady little eyes to steal your soul! D:

Weird, yea?! Well I look even funnier when I did Manba and didn't have my hair on yet!
Balance issue: A person doing super extreme Manba make up looks weird with super flat or no hair. The same goes for a person who wears super long and big falsies and bold bottom lashes without circle lens to balance out the lashes and take up some of the white space in the eye.

Hope these tips helped!


  1. Aaah I get what you mean ;_; That's why it's difficult for me as I can't wear circle lens... Although I have been able to figure out what makeup to do without them ^^

    1. heyo Lizzie! That is good! Your style is pretty soft and you don;t have beady lil eyes like me, lmao XD I think you do pretty good without em!


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