Friday, May 23, 2014

Acen2014 Minicap

Acen season has made its way and has passed like the fleeting winds~
I got acquainted with Naoto and Ibi from h.naoto and Sixh. , the super adorbs Wake Up Girls group, and had laughs with the members of angela, a Japanese rock duo .

Here are some slightly behind the scene's pix!

Lolitas get a lotta shit! Even a drink for Acen!

Jade and I in the hotel!

Me and Tati! I met her near the Red Drink bar!
Lost Vivi

Camy and SuperMan!
Chicago's next dance group??
All I need is to add some Sakura Blossoms gently falling around her!

Cheeky Haruhi!

Your Chigal blogger! Lollipop head and all!
I was gonna use a more fun pic, but it looked like I was farting excitedly.haha

Crunchyroll LiveStream! They loved Jade's maid outfit!!

Watching and reading at the Crunchyroll Livestream Station!

Check out the SugarGamers pix from the Acen2014 Weekend here and here !
Also! If you were on the Crunchy Roll's live streaming, You may have seen Jade and I being goofing with other Acen Goers around on there! yay!

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