Friday, May 23, 2014

Anime Expo :Be a Gal Fashion Model for 2014!

This year, The following Gal Brands will be showcasing their items for not only for purchase, but also for the Fashion Show!
KokoKim, Swankiss, Golds Infinity, Ghost of Harlem

If you have always wanted to be a runway model for a Japanese Brand for Gyaru gear, this is your chance for 2014! 

Sign Up here!:

Rather be a Shop Staff?
Send me an email on FB!

Deadline is June 15th!
See you there and Good Luck!

Acen2014 Minicap

Acen season has made its way and has passed like the fleeting winds~
I got acquainted with Naoto and Ibi from h.naoto and Sixh. , the super adorbs Wake Up Girls group, and had laughs with the members of angela, a Japanese rock duo .

Here are some slightly behind the scene's pix!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Go GAL Go!

Graduation is right around the corner! OMG
The limbo period is almost over! I do not feel ready even though I am just waiting to hear my name and to walk across the stage to grab a piece of paper... I am so nervous!
5 LOOOOONG years have passed like an eye blinking! Its nuts!
I just hope that since being a graduate will FINALLY be official, I will get more job ops and a lot of freelance! 

Now, I have to get outfits ready for this weekend! I will be at Acen this year and I hope to meet a lotta people, and to also celebrate my 7th year at Acen! 
I think I will try to cosplay this year... It will be.... something LOL. But I hope it will look decent! 

bye bye! I gotta finish alotta stuff tonight ;-;

Monday, May 12, 2014

Review: Mary Kay Timewise Set

I bought this set during last summer to give it a test shot! I usually use a regular exfoliating face cleaner, but wanted to try something new. 


Step1 Refine:
2.5fl. oz. / 70g
Step2 Replenish:
1 fl. oz./ 29ml

You dampen your face, and squeeze out a little bit on your fingertips to gently rub on 
to your face (avoiding mouth and eye areas). I make sure
I exfoliate my nose and apples of my cheeks! 
 When you are done,rinse well then pat lightly to dry for the next step!
"Awwww yisss, smooth skin, here I come!"

 Then squeeze out a bit of the Replenish cream and gently apply to your face. Yes, you have to have 
the look of knowing you are gonna have some smooth skin like a baby's butt as pictured here!
All done!

Do these steps no more than 2 times a week. I do it once a week, and between 2-4 times a month!
This product has lasted me for almost a year! I also saw a difference in the size of my pores on the area closest to my nose. They are a bit on the small side anyway, but I still saw a difference.


  • Exfoliates your skin due to the small crystals in Step1.
  • Leaves skin feeling soft. 
  • Exfoliating cream lasts a while.
  • You save more money than getting the microdermabrasion treatments in a clinic.


  • If you rub too hard you can risk irritating the skin, causing damage and if you are of lighter complexion, redness.
  • You shouldn't use this in conjunction with other face cleaners that contain salyic acid. You will dry out the skin a bit more.
  • Sometimes I get the little crystals in my mouth when I wash my face off... 

Price: $$

You can check out their other products here!

This item was reviewed and not sponsored by Mary Kay

Friday, May 9, 2014

Balance it Out!

Windy City Gal's tips for Beginners!

Over the years, seeing gals try out gal make up, there have been a few things that got to me: the lack of balance. I think it is one of the things that grows with the person doing the make up to learn balancing out the aesthetics especially for the more extreme and heavier make up styles.

Balance issue: Think of your favorite (or a ) Drag Queen. Now, if you have a pic of them without their glorious locks but their make up is on in full, it looks kinda weird until their hair is on and poppin.

Pic from Rupaul's Drag Race

Cake faced glory

Got on one of my FAVE pairs of lens and Diamond Nudy eye lashes.... but no hair!! ARRGHGHHGHG!!!

Beady little eyes to steal your soul! D:

Weird, yea?! Well I look even funnier when I did Manba and didn't have my hair on yet!
Balance issue: A person doing super extreme Manba make up looks weird with super flat or no hair. The same goes for a person who wears super long and big falsies and bold bottom lashes without circle lens to balance out the lashes and take up some of the white space in the eye.

Hope these tips helped!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dream With Me!

So, I have been trying to recall my dreams better these days and to also try harder at Lucid Dreaming!
One of the first times I remembered Lucid Dreaming was when I was in elementary school at O'Keeffe. I had a terrible dream a few nights in a row that replayed over and over about a horrible man trying to harm his customer that went to his barber shop.

I told a loved one about it, and he told me that if I can concentrate really hard while I sleep about what I wanted to do in the dream to prevent it from happening, I could change the outcome of my dream.

So, it took me a while, but when I felt that the dream was happening again, I could think on what I wanted to do to cause a distraction, fight back something. I don't recall what I did since it was so many years ago, but my dream did change! I was able to change the outcome!

There have been a few other dreams that I had where I would slip into it and could almost control my self in the dream world. Albeit, not precisely, as it felt similar to trying to control a shopping cart with a very wobbly wheel that won't let you push it 100% in one direction!

I hope to keep trying at Lucid Dreaming more!
Until next time!