Friday, April 11, 2014

Time for sleep!

yum! eyebags!!
I have about an hour to get in more rest before the meet up! We are going to Chinatown to catch up with Pepa and also a gyaru baby, Lora! I have no clue why I couldn't fall asleep though! Usually I get pretty restless when I have a flight, but I am just taking the train, so I don't get it. o.O
But, it would be like a million years since Pepa, Jade, and I have chilled together... I think since the March me2... last year! So that is pretty big!
I have about half an hour to try and nap while my ridiculously long vid tries to upload to youtube.

Also, lost about 16 pounds from the weight I gained eating take out pretty much every night last year. I am also drinking more water too and limiting a lot of soda again. Weight stuff is usually a touchy topic for a lot of people, especially girls. I just know that for myself, that overeating and eating a lot of sugary things will not benefit me in any way and would just lead to more problems down the line. Eating my feelings is HORRID too!! So, I just try to be productive or parapara or something. Way better than stuffing my face with a whole pack of chocolate chip cookies!

Well, time for a nap! >0<;

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