Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Diamond Lash Series

While I was on the Diamond lash site looking at pictures of the lashes I like best a few months ago, I decided to roam around the site to see the other products. I saw they had a few new series, Nudy Couture and the Model's Produced,  that I had not yet seen.
They are quite thin and usually would not pop into your head when you think of gyaru styled eyelashes. They are wispy and a bit shorter than their lash sisters in the other series. However, they are perfect for subtle make up and for work.

The Models Produce series

The Models Produce series have a style that are light and airy. The Nobel eye is almost on the line of demi lashes, but are a tad bit longer width wise. There are four thicker clusters on the lashes that add a little bit of feminine flair to your eye make up. 
The Lucks eye (sp) is not dramatic and give some lash length towards the outer edge of the lid. The Model Produce series seems to accentuate the outer edge of the eye. This series includes four different styles.
Nobel eye
Lucks eye

The Nudy Couture series

The Nudy Couture series is by fair their most natural looking lash series. People with longer lashes probably would not benefit from these length wise but perhaps give a touch of thickness to their own lashes. These are definitely great for subtle looks, normal wear, school, or work when you don't want your lashes to be too dramatic but still look beautiful. This series includes eight different styles.

Elegant Eyee

They have a pretty nice selection of natural lashes for people who go for that type of look and may not have very long lashes. I think people get lash strips done lash extension style, so I think they can add some thickness to lashes that way.

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