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WCG's Spotlight

Interview: Laura Cioroianu

I came across Laura a few years ago when she sent me a friend request. She stood out to me due to her interest in gothic and visual kei fashion. She is from Romania and lives in Craiova and has appeared in quite a few news episodes due to her love for VK fashion style.

Lisha: Does your work or past education helped you with your inspiration or outfits?(for
example working at a job that helps you with a different aspect of fashion, or taking
classes about fashion design, etc)

Laura Cioroianu :
Since I have a nursing degree , my past education has really nothing to do with my inspiration for everything I am trying to do in a pleasant way.
I was a makeup trainer but volunteer for almost half a year in 2013 in a small makeup school from my city .

The experience from there helped me too and to like even more makeup and all of the things I am going now .

Also I will throw this month the first party from Craiova city , a show inspired by the visual kei music scene in Japan .
and I try to make this party more diverse, including a fashion parade with my interpretations by some street clothing styles in Tokyo .

I will use everything that needs from my personal clothes and all that it takes , for all the people for the parade from head to toe, including the decoration of the club . For now this show will be like a challenge for myself since I will take care of almost everything with my own money, which its really hard , but i am looking forward to see people reactions from this city .
If this show will be a success this will be the beginning only .

Lisha: Has anything in your childhood inspired you to dress up?

Laura Cioroianu : To be honest no , not at all .
I was such a tomboy many years of my childhood.

Lisha:What else besides Visual Kei inspires your outfits and style? What are your favorite
bands that you draw inspiration from?

Laura Cioroianu : Simply people . Every time I had the opportunity to meet someone really creative and unique I am so inspired .I feel so honored when I meet these kind of people .
I am inspired a lot also just by watching online pictures with ordinary people from Tokyo.
I like to admire their creativity and then i am trying to get a piece of what I like the most from them for my creations .
My favourite bands from many others from Japan are X Japan ,Buck Tick and Penicillin .
I draw a lot of inspiration from mister Hakuei the vocalist from Penicillin.
He was and still my all time muse when i want to create something related only to the Japanese visual kei scene of course in this case .

Lisha: Ah! Cool! What non fashion forms do you draw inspiration from?

Laura Cioroianu : Mostly my saddest moments and my dreams . When something negative happen to me I try to express & get away that sad feeling from my heart into creating something new related to art , doesn't matter if its makeup, a draw on a paper or inventing an outfit .

Lisha: That is a great idea!
I know that some places are apprehensive to people expressing themselves through wearable
forms of expression. How is it dressing in Craiova, Romania?

Laura Cioroianu : The world is pretty closed-minded here Craiova city but there are a lot of
wonderful people who support me a lot and I try to keep near those kind of people .
Actually one of the reasons that i want to trow that kind of shows like I told you previously , it is to create a place for all those people who don`t have the guts to dress however they like on the streets but they can at my shows .I want them to feel free and to say : At this kind of parties I feel me and noone isjudging me or the way my style is at all here .

Lisha: Have you traveled anywhere? Where would you like to go?

Laura Cioroianu : I went to Belgium , Germany and Nederlands
I would like to visit Japan so much in the future . I think its awesome there .

Lisha: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Laura Cioroianu : Listening to music its almost like breathing for me, drawing sometimes , dancing & singing.

She has also subtitled her video clips from news channels.

News Clip

Kawaii International

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