Thursday, April 3, 2014

Games, Chi fi, and Geekbar Oh My! (pic heavy!!)

On Saturday, I went to check out some of Chi-fi, albeit a bit late. I met a pretty passionate guy who incorporated cows and cow related themes with Star Trek. I should have been taking notes on his jokes though!

I also met a physical fitness trainer named Rodney who also painted and made illustrations. You can check out more of his works here and his etsy shop is here.

There was one painting I really liked that was blue and in a circular format. I wish there was a thumbnail on his site so I could see it again!

A maiden fair, makes me a hearty health potion.


I had mainly taken pix of the lady who made my potion. lol. I talked with various new people too!
My roommate, Joe of Spicy Panda Creations and his friends were on stage with Runway Fire with the Transformer suits they made! I wasn't able to catch them, but they looked like they had a lot of fun!

The crew!

Health Potion!

They were playing outside of the hotel. They had a magnificent voice!!


On Tuesday, Jade scooped me up to go to Geekfleet's Anime and Game night! It was a nice night filled with a lot of Attack on Titan's craziness, and gaming! I played some Soul Caliber 5 against Jade, Raymond, Chris, and also Keisha of SugarGamers. I got my ass whooped and also whooped some too! 

It was fun talking about gaming and anime, and also watching others play video games. 

Photo Collage courtesy of SugarGamers

After all the gaming, drinking and chatting, we decided to refuel with some IHOP!

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