Monday, April 14, 2014

Gal Meet In Chinatown

Pepa, Jade, and Lora and her family met up to talk over food at My Place (not, not my apartment, its a restaurant in Chinatown), and to give Lora her Gal Make over courtesy of Pepa! We shared stories about what led us into pursuing gal fashion, bought sweets, even saw a high school friend randomly before we ate, and met up with Jade's friends too!
We also shared ice creams on sticks before we split up to run errands and what not, then met back up later in the day and watched a movie together.

My meal!

Pepa's veggies!

Pepa's Salt pepper squid. 

Doing make up!

Pepa helped Lora with her make up and gave her a Gal Transformation! Complete with lashes too!

She was really happy! 

There were a lot of people in Chinatown on Friday! I think they were having a field trip!

Candy! Almonds and Chocolate are delicious together.

Jade and I were going to get a regular sized pack of make up removing wipes, but Pepa gave us an awesome suggestions for Studio 35's twin pack that would last us longer and be a better deal for us!
YAY! You can get them at Walgreens!
Thanks for hanging with us Lora! 

You can read Jade's post here!

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