Friday, April 25, 2014

Fave "Kawaii" Android Apps

Ever since I got into this Android app downloading thing a few years ago, I have come across some great ones and some that were not so hot.
The ones that I keep now either social media related, or just some random things to pass the time.
I have a few deco apps that I have used over the past several years, so I will share em with you! Deco apps are great for gals and lolita's alike,  people who love purikura (photo booth picture stickers), and people who just love to put stamps on their photos!

Photo Wonder
I had this app a while back, and still do! I mainly use it to collage photos together so they do not take up a lot of space for posts etc. They have added more decorations, and filters PLUS roller brush decorations too!  Out of all the deco apps, this one seems to be the only one with a breast enlarger in the Beautify options. I think that "make up" on deco apps are weird. Like, they are soooo obvious! But great if you are just foolin around. 

Pros: Great for collaging photos together! You can have the collage as a rectangle or a square which is great. The Filter Camera Option works great!


Editing screen and Decoration screen

Cons: The Materials Center takes a few seconds to load, and when you download a frame for a picture... I can't seem to find it! This app will send you a message telling you that you have not used it for a while. Kinda creepy!

Bugs: The Dark Circle Remover option was a little iffy for me and would diverge from the line I wanted to make under the eye. So you end up with a random lightened streak across your face!

4 out of 5

Kira Deco
This is my least used app. The selection page looks nice and is straight forward, but dated. When it comes to the editing screen, things get iffy. The icons can get in the way when you are decorating your pic and they shift from side to side when you want to add the decorative stamps, frame choices are limited, and user interface takes up too much of the picture. Though the shifting of the side bar for the stamps may seem like a good idea, I think it would have been BEST for them to just be out of the way anyways! 

Menu Screen and Decorating screen

Pros: There are some cute stamps and frames in this app.
Cons: Some of the frames look a little cheesy. The options bar is in the way of the picture. The stamps aren't put into categories which bugs me!
Bugs: No bugs perse, just really bad user interface.

2 out of 5

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