Monday, March 24, 2014

Macaron Day Friend Meet

On Saturday, Ami came to Chicago and hosted a Macaroon Day friend meet up!

Ami and Purin

I met Japanese and Korean song cover artist, Naniko

Choco Cuties!


Choco Macaroons are definitely my fave.

Drop it like its hot, Moe Version!

Chocolate dilemma? More like a Chocolate solution!
I had a feeling that Naniko seemed familiar, but I didn't want to be a creep-o! But, it was nice meeting more net friends! I missed the dinner and smoothie part of the day due to working, but I was happy that I was able to attend the Karaoke half! 

Pic courtesy of Naniko
Thank you for coming to Chicago and making the Macaroon meet!
Hope to see you again!
You can check out Purin's blog for the Macaroon Meet here!


  1. aww I love those girls > < *jealous*

    1. They were super cute! I wish I did not have work so I could have chilled with them longer!!

  2. ;__; awww i wanna meet you,lisha and purin!! this looks like so much fun.

    1. YES MY DEAR! COME TO USSSS. lol. one day. Hopefully before we are all old and wrinkly!


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