Saturday, March 8, 2014


Hello Gals!
Glavil by tutuHA is having a 20% off sale on select items with free
 international shipping* for orders 25$ and over! 
With charming accents, and simplicity in colour selection, these pieces are great to add into your wardrobe! Pick up some items to enhance a glam and devilish look for the edgy gal inside of you.

I have one Glavil item, a pair of googles.  and I really am eyeing that devil horned jacket that's up there.... Probably why it is the main focus for my graphic! lol

Happy shopping you all!

*Free standard shipping for items 25$ and over. Available to all countries and regions.
Free express shipping  with a minimum purchase of 99$ to the USA, Australia, and Region 1 countries. Minimum Purchase of 25$ when shipping to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Phillipines, and 150$ minimum when shipping to Canada, UK, and Region 2 countries.

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