Friday, March 14, 2014

A Few Things Here and There

I have been studying and reading wayyyyyy too much lately! Even one of my coworkers at work tells me "Haven't you studied enough?" 
I prolly am doing more studying now more than ever! :X
On Valentines day, I chilled with some Elementary school and high school buddies with a bottle and pizza rolls! :D 

I finally bought new glasses! I can see! Hoorah! Hooray!
I think I should have picked a complety different style of frame though.... or a colour.
One of the glasses has a heart on the arm of the frames. Super cute! 

At work....

I think wayyyy too much at work and I tend to daydream a lot, and play with food.

She let me take a pic of her coat. It was pretty cute! She got it at Beatnicks I believe for a nice price than retail value! It made me think of a coat a hime kaji styled person would wear! Her daughter (?) said that we were sisters because I took a pic of her, lol!

I also totally didn't get a pick of a lady that had some stylish boots, leopard print skirt, black coat and black bag with gold accents on  it! 
Walked through Downtown at night and these statues are spooky as hell. They are near the Art Institute and there are quite a handful of them chilling. 

Rock On!
Purin came over last weekend, and we chilled! It was very nice to see her again. We played Rock band, and watched 3 movies together. I finally finished Interview with a Vampire which had a silly ending, Cast Away (aka the FedEx movie) and also American History X. We ate snacks, drank, and caught up a bit too. 

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  1. Aw I'm glad you had such an eventful time! That's also really cool that you and Purin hung out for a bit. I love the photos!


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