Monday, March 24, 2014

Macaron Day Friend Meet

On Saturday, Ami came to Chicago and hosted a Macaroon Day friend meet up!

Ami and Purin

I met Japanese and Korean song cover artist, Naniko

Choco Cuties!


Choco Macaroons are definitely my fave.

Drop it like its hot, Moe Version!

Chocolate dilemma? More like a Chocolate solution!
I had a feeling that Naniko seemed familiar, but I didn't want to be a creep-o! But, it was nice meeting more net friends! I missed the dinner and smoothie part of the day due to working, but I was happy that I was able to attend the Karaoke half! 

Pic courtesy of Naniko
Thank you for coming to Chicago and making the Macaroon meet!
Hope to see you again!
You can check out Purin's blog for the Macaroon Meet here!

Friday, March 14, 2014

A Few Things Here and There

I have been studying and reading wayyyyyy too much lately! Even one of my coworkers at work tells me "Haven't you studied enough?" 
I prolly am doing more studying now more than ever! :X
On Valentines day, I chilled with some Elementary school and high school buddies with a bottle and pizza rolls! :D 

I finally bought new glasses! I can see! Hoorah! Hooray!
I think I should have picked a complety different style of frame though.... or a colour.
One of the glasses has a heart on the arm of the frames. Super cute! 

At work....

I think wayyyy too much at work and I tend to daydream a lot, and play with food.

She let me take a pic of her coat. It was pretty cute! She got it at Beatnicks I believe for a nice price than retail value! It made me think of a coat a hime kaji styled person would wear! Her daughter (?) said that we were sisters because I took a pic of her, lol!

I also totally didn't get a pick of a lady that had some stylish boots, leopard print skirt, black coat and black bag with gold accents on  it! 
Walked through Downtown at night and these statues are spooky as hell. They are near the Art Institute and there are quite a handful of them chilling. 

Rock On!
Purin came over last weekend, and we chilled! It was very nice to see her again. We played Rock band, and watched 3 movies together. I finally finished Interview with a Vampire which had a silly ending, Cast Away (aka the FedEx movie) and also American History X. We ate snacks, drank, and caught up a bit too. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

GLAD NEWS : Webstore + Top 4 Pick

One of my favorite gal brands that I have been wanting to buy from since FOREVER has finally come to YesStyle and also opened up their own webstores! I have been fawning over their items for years, and now, the time has come that I, and all other Glad News lovers can shop from them without the hassle of trying to figure out shopping services, calculating shipping charges, and trying to decipher kanji if we are not fluent in Japanese!

GLAD NEWS webstore
GLAD NEWS on Yesstyle + FREE shipping!
GLAD NEWS official Facebook page

 Windy City Gal Top 4 picks from GLAD NEWS:
Lace Back Studded Applique shirt

One of the motifs associated with GLAD NEWS appears again with their roomy, lace backed shirt. It looks comfy, has lace detail (a hint of sexy that I love), and has this cute little guy on the front. What's not to love? 

Show your love for Tokyo with this Tank top.
Simplistic. Black. Casual. 
You can't go wrong with a black tank top with a bold font on it. Tank tops are a staple in my wardrobe, but simplistic ones I have yet to add to it.

Long Sleeve top
Long sleeve tops with a graphic is an essential for a wardrobe fit for a gal who pursues a rocker aesthetic. It pairs up nicely with distressed jeans or even a skirt with black boots or heels.

Dyed Pattern Dress
A peek-a-boo skeleton over this tie dyed style dress gives a nod to the 60's tie dye era. This would look lovely paired up with a black denim or leather jacket to add another layer of cool. I usually wear a ton of black, but something like this would be a nice change up!

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Hello Gals!
Glavil by tutuHA is having a 20% off sale on select items with free
 international shipping* for orders 25$ and over! 
With charming accents, and simplicity in colour selection, these pieces are great to add into your wardrobe! Pick up some items to enhance a glam and devilish look for the edgy gal inside of you.

I have one Glavil item, a pair of googles.  and I really am eyeing that devil horned jacket that's up there.... Probably why it is the main focus for my graphic! lol

Happy shopping you all!

*Free standard shipping for items 25$ and over. Available to all countries and regions.
Free express shipping  with a minimum purchase of 99$ to the USA, Australia, and Region 1 countries. Minimum Purchase of 25$ when shipping to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Phillipines, and 150$ minimum when shipping to Canada, UK, and Region 2 countries.