Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ulzzang Madness!

The in thing is an ovally, egg/pizza slice shaped heads, and barely visible nostrils and nose bridge!
Pepa has transformed me and some other girls from our regular selves to a Beautiful , natural, and pizza/dorito shaped ullzangs!
Ms. Pepa
Ms. Ina
Ms. kels

In with the big eyes and out with your jaw line!!
Ms. Galaxxy

Me! before, much normal
Much ulzzang!

Such natural edits helps us achieve our dolly Ulzzang style! Who knew that Ulzzang  fashion was the way to go than gyaru?!1?

Matane , my chocopies!
oops I mean, Annyeong my kimbaps!

Editing done by Pepa. Photos from their respective owners. 
Silliness brought to you by Me,Pepa and the lovely ladies who let us use their pix

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