Friday, February 7, 2014


It has been quite a while since I wanted to become a Lolita and wear frilly dresses and look like an over-sized baby doll.

I used to be able to name quite a few of the brands, be able to look at pictures of dresses and be able to call out the brand they belong to, know that cheap lace and not wearing your petticoats were a no-no.
Ah...  Those were the days! of being a super lurker...
Buuuuut... I eventually found my way into a different fashion genre that many of you all already know.

Some of the things I still find interesting is the shift for a lot of things for Lolita wear:
make up, lashes, false deco nails, and wigs. ESPECIALLY the two tone wigs from places like Mintymix. It was a bit bizarre for me, and I am just an outsider in the fashion!

But, in a way, it is kinda cute. It takes the innocence to a whole. 'nother. level.

Images from deerstalkerpictures Loli documentary
Not sure if I'd be able to pull off wearing so many cute things though...

When the weather gets warmer, Gabriela will be one of the people who will have her way with me!!

uh... Lolita styling wise of course! 
I had gotten a chance to do her make up many years ago, and I will see how to style a Lolita outfit from head to toe with her guidance, and also learn a few things from some Milwaukee Lolis!

matane my chocopies


  1. I started out with Loli fashion in high school. I was never able to wear brand because I was too plump lol. But I tried my best and then some things happened in my life where I just had no style and felt blah all the time. Then I found gal fashion and because there are so many different sub genres of gal, it worked better for me. I totally would not mind trying Loli fashion again and walk the streets of downtown chicago. ^_^

    1. That would be awesome!! I feel like some things, i might be too tall for loli wise. i know some gal brand stuff can run pretty tight, and i can only imagine for some loli things (i think) especially things like bust, waist or arm length

  2. I want to do this sooo bad, but I don't know where to start. I have always admired the lolita style! I wish I had someone to guide me! I really want to do this!


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