Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fashion Woah No's

There are a lot of gyaru based fashion pieces and accessories that I adore or like, and I usually do not come across very weird things. But on tumblr, I found this accessory from me jane that is partially cute, but then kind of funky looking.

I like fur, and I like denim, but the underside of this fur warmer looks like some 90s contraption. I think that it would way better if the denim was a solid colour than this patch work business going on.

I came across this on Once Upon a Time Blog...beanie veils .

I like veils... I like beanies... Especially with a big, cute 'n fluffy pompom. But this contraption? I have yet to actually see it outside and outside of the blog I found it on. The two right pics it kind of looks ok, until you come across the damned pompom. Maybe I should just throw some tulle on something and try to market it if this is what people will buy. 

Tutuha Dress

Glavil and Tutuha have had items that I probably drooled too much over. I found this dress while surfing on Tumblr, and had to pause, squint, and give it a few more look overs. Bows can be cute and girly, but this is way to over done for me. I think that :1. ditching the bows on the skirt part and at the waist  or 2. ditching all the bows except the waist one would make it more appealing and would keep it girly.

That concludes today's Fashion Woah No's.

Thank you for reading!
Mata ne my chocopies!

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