Thursday, February 27, 2014


Yup. I am a perfectionist. It sucks. Trying to get things right and knowing they won't be is a HASSLE. It also stifled a lot of creative time in and around my life and I feel like I am catching up in a marathon where people are already 3 miles ahead! Mr. Turner suggested to me in so many words that I should just *do*. It is hard because I feel that I should be able to churn out stuff and like it. =___=

I am wayyy too hard on myself and trying not to be. I've been that way all my life, and it has held me back because I stop a lot of things that I want to do. I am out of college, and getting my head right for my career, and building my dreams.  I have gotten a bit better over the past few months and have been feeling a little better lately, like stones being slowly cracked off. Like I can breathe a little better, and it feels a bit like taking chains off.

I should have added an older pic of me!
I have a lot of things floating in my head that I want to get on paper... But mostly, I want this snow GONE. It is still cold in Chicago. wtf!!! Its a few days from March and its going to be at 0degrees again. -_-
I just want to shop. Update a lot of things, get supplies, shoes, camera, etc. Need to look spiffy as a college grad. :p  And start up some more things.

Things seem to go by so slowly. Driving me crazy. Maybe I am just overlooking some things.

Besides all of that, Gal VIP has a ParaPara contest!
 Registration opens March 1st and is open to every Gal worldwide. 
Download the information PDF available now for more information:

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Nostalgia Show

On February 21, Natalia and Elgin rounded up a bunch of Chicago artists to create pieces based off our favourite childhood cartoons and also video games for the Nostalgia Show.
It was great looking at pieces that the other artists did, and great to be in an environment literally bursting with creativity! The place was packed!!

Shintendo and Vagabond from The Terra Gods, Elephant Rebellion, and WestSide School for the Desperate had AMAZING hip hop and poetry performances throughout the night. I never knew that DragonBall Z and also random video games from my childhood could be made into poetry!

I was also able to meet up with some familiar faces as well! Kira*Kira (Black Cherry and Gal*luxy) and her boyfriend Kurt, Chris and Doga, Crystal, Tim, and Ashley all made it out!

From Ivonne Chavez

Lovemi Designs

My Ahh! Real Monsters piece and I.

Natalia Virafuentas

Natalia Sustaita

Elephant Rebellion

Lovemi Design


Nat and Tan

Spirit Bomb...for 10 episodes

2602 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fashion Woah No's

There are a lot of gyaru based fashion pieces and accessories that I adore or like, and I usually do not come across very weird things. But on tumblr, I found this accessory from me jane that is partially cute, but then kind of funky looking.

I like fur, and I like denim, but the underside of this fur warmer looks like some 90s contraption. I think that it would way better if the denim was a solid colour than this patch work business going on.

I came across this on Once Upon a Time Blog...beanie veils .

I like veils... I like beanies... Especially with a big, cute 'n fluffy pompom. But this contraption? I have yet to actually see it outside and outside of the blog I found it on. The two right pics it kind of looks ok, until you come across the damned pompom. Maybe I should just throw some tulle on something and try to market it if this is what people will buy. 

Tutuha Dress

Glavil and Tutuha have had items that I probably drooled too much over. I found this dress while surfing on Tumblr, and had to pause, squint, and give it a few more look overs. Bows can be cute and girly, but this is way to over done for me. I think that :1. ditching the bows on the skirt part and at the waist  or 2. ditching all the bows except the waist one would make it more appealing and would keep it girly.

That concludes today's Fashion Woah No's.

Thank you for reading!
Mata ne my chocopies!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

late nights

My buddy and Valentine...

Pretty tired of winter. It feels like it has been going on forever now! Tired of looking at snow, shoveling it, walking through it....
I just want it to be warm so I can enjoy outside again instead of being kooked up inside. I guess that is what they call cabin fever.

I have been working on pieces/concepts/stuff for my portfolio and art showings so I can have better things to show. Still have to photograph a lot of things, redo ,and also finish stuff. The amount of work seems never ending but it keeps my creative side going.

I really want a little vacation... Take a needed break. Go shopping. Go on a relaxing night drive with stars over head. Chill out for real.
Hopefully, that will come this year.

Besides a Valentines Night Friends Get Together with some Korbel, chocolates, and Dance Masters, I just do  my part time, studying way too late into the break of dawn, too much over-thinking {I still feel like I am in the twilight zone}, and website coding. :s Need to get back into P90 though... But cookies, other sweets, and pizza are super tempting... Must resist! ahhaha!

Also, besides a few days where I do some gal make...I have been looking pretty Plane Jane lately! But working hard for a much needed and revamped look! Plus creating tons of new content and projects! Stay tuned!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ulzzang Madness!

The in thing is an ovally, egg/pizza slice shaped heads, and barely visible nostrils and nose bridge!
Pepa has transformed me and some other girls from our regular selves to a Beautiful , natural, and pizza/dorito shaped ullzangs!
Ms. Pepa
Ms. Ina
Ms. kels

In with the big eyes and out with your jaw line!!
Ms. Galaxxy

Me! before, much normal
Much ulzzang!

Such natural edits helps us achieve our dolly Ulzzang style! Who knew that Ulzzang  fashion was the way to go than gyaru?!1?

Matane , my chocopies!
oops I mean, Annyeong my kimbaps!

Editing done by Pepa. Photos from their respective owners. 
Silliness brought to you by Me,Pepa and the lovely ladies who let us use their pix

Friday, February 7, 2014


It has been quite a while since I wanted to become a Lolita and wear frilly dresses and look like an over-sized baby doll.

I used to be able to name quite a few of the brands, be able to look at pictures of dresses and be able to call out the brand they belong to, know that cheap lace and not wearing your petticoats were a no-no.
Ah...  Those were the days! of being a super lurker...
Buuuuut... I eventually found my way into a different fashion genre that many of you all already know.

Some of the things I still find interesting is the shift for a lot of things for Lolita wear:
make up, lashes, false deco nails, and wigs. ESPECIALLY the two tone wigs from places like Mintymix. It was a bit bizarre for me, and I am just an outsider in the fashion!

But, in a way, it is kinda cute. It takes the innocence to a whole. 'nother. level.

Images from deerstalkerpictures Loli documentary
Not sure if I'd be able to pull off wearing so many cute things though...

When the weather gets warmer, Gabriela will be one of the people who will have her way with me!!

uh... Lolita styling wise of course! 
I had gotten a chance to do her make up many years ago, and I will see how to style a Lolita outfit from head to toe with her guidance, and also learn a few things from some Milwaukee Lolis!

matane my chocopies