Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nail Spam pt1

My deco spam was a hit last time, so here is a nice helping of nail pr0ns! Sometimes we all need some inspiration for nail art or even deco-ing things, so I decided to make a compilation!
I also love to see people's nail art, so if you have 'em, share 'em in the comment section!
Part 2 will be available next month!
(all pictures are property of their respective owners, and I claim no ownership of them.)


Pink and Chocolate

Glamorous Animal Print


Pink and Chocolate2

Animal Print and Red

Soft Gradient

Red+Pink Gradient and Pale Gold


PowerPuff Girls

Pink X White

Alice in Wonderland type theme

Lady Li's My Little Pony Nails 
Edgy nails


  1. Oh wow, so many pretty nail sets! I can't wait to buy some more... I only have one set and I'm dying for another!

  2. the nail sets are so cute<3 I'm really bad at doing my own nails though =[

  3. I need to get my nails done asap!


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