Wednesday, November 27, 2013

School's almost over

About a week or so ago, I met up with Mikko and went to see Dir en grey at the House Of Blues. I also met up with several people, like Madhatter's/Animefood's Carmilla and her daughter and Court, plus a few others I havnt seen in a few years!
I have been slacking with some school projects... (; ̄д ̄)ゞbut i have been painting, sketching, and doing work for three art shows. So... thats still good....right? ('x') I think it is time to clone myself! :B ... or get an assistant.
I think school and being close to graduating is freaking me out! My mind is crazy town! I have never worn sweat pants so much until this semester. >_>'
There is so much I do and like to do that I am having a hard time trying to settle on something especially when it comes to working towards my career. My friend Alan told me I didnt have to fit into any puzzle, but I would like to feel that I can fit somewhere.
I also hope you like the new layout guys and gals. Eventually I'll have more things finalized. Heh heh heh.
bathroom selfies in a huge ass mirror. old and new friends in one shot 
old and new art. sorry Joe, your table is taken.

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