Thursday, November 14, 2013

Golds Infinity 2013 Collection

You may remember that at Anime Expo  Golds Infinity from Japan and the American Gal Shop Staff, featuring Western Gals, helped show people who happened upon the booth some beautiful items for young women from different views on what gal fashion can look like.

The brand has taken a turn from the sexy and flirty kyaba style dresses, to an elegant and mature direction. These dresses, and even official site photography showcases a very romantic feel for young women. The spring and summer collection's theme: Love Trap.

Nana's dress

A flirty high low dress for Re

A top with flowing sleeves that can be matched with a skirt or a pair of shorts.
 If you are on the smaller and shorter side, it can be worn as a short dress.

Handheld goods
Cute and fuzzy!

 There were beautiful tops, dresses, mirrors, and wallets on sale for Anime Expo for a stylish girl looking for romance in a sexy-cute, flirty look.

For their winter collection, there are bold prints (flowers, houndstooth and block ), skirts being paired with knee highs and heels, and some items with fur trim.
You can check out their winter collection here!

Also, if you have not heard from Nino's blog, gal brands are for sale on!

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