Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween!
Carved my first pumpkin last weekend! It was pretty fun!

 I have watched a lot of amazing and interesting things that have sparked an idea in my mind. I try to sketch it or write notes down as fast as possible before I forget (which happens too often!!)so try to take advantage of art days at my home where I can take my mind off some things and paint or sketch a little something here and there.

Here are a two sketches:

This one is a sketch I did when I started of thinking "what do I want to draw?" I thought of an idea a friend told me about, so I wanted to draw a picture that might go with it. The inked pic is a little distorted though.... I liked the moments where I can quickly get out an idea and still like it after i got a lot of it planned out by pencil!

please credit back
Sketch with blue pencil and inking process

Pencil portrait sketching

This one is drawn with some strong emotion to it. I took a pic, edited on my phone, and uploaded to instagram. I also wanted to draw it because I wanted to try to match the angle of the face.

I also edited a picture (with persmission :p)
Of Utsukushii gal's Rii. I really liked the photo, and just wanted to play around with making it look like it should be in a magazine.The second one is just amping up the colours withing the hair, darkening the shadows, and making her eyes and lips POP! 


The third picture is just me making her eye make up look more dramatic, and changing the lip colour to a more purple tone. I still want to make it a bit more edgy though.

Being stressed out isn't fun! And though I cannot make all the stress just *poof* and disappear, I try to get in some meditating, praying, and writing stuff down so I can manage my time a bit easier. Just meditating once or twice, making one list, or just saying things will change won't make things happen magically, but getting into the habit of changing how you look at things that gets you down helps a lot!

Taken when I went to La for Anime Expo

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A takashi murakami animation

Takashi directs a new, and super girly commercial for Shu Uemura make up line. Its energetic, cute, and magical with a yin and yang type of duo of the two main magical girls. This certainly is more "moe" and cutesy than the Louis Vuitton commercials he has made, but still inspiring!

I would love to be involved with a short animation one day!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A day in avondale

My friend Natalia got me to post some pieces for this art day in Chicago! It was my second art showing with mostly past works.
It has been a while since I have had my works up!
Natalia Virufuentas' art
Natalia S's Art

Monday, October 14, 2013

oct 14

I have taken a break from my beloved fashion and make style (for the most part). I am almost done with school, going to be looking into a completion of a lot of projects that I could not finish, and then, "graduate " from the youthfulness of the gal scene, to really be able to join the ranks of the best. :B Or at least have the time to really participate in things again gal event wise.

My mind is not focused, but I am getting there. I have gotten a lot of inspiration and day by day , I can get a little energy to keep going.

Thank you for reading my blog when you come across it. I appreciate it!
I hope you take the time to look at the art work I have put up on my links on the left side!  comments and critique would be lovely! Art is my one true passion that I am working back on,and I have been a little ADD if you will, with my pieces and projects. I have to get some more pix up soon and release more things!!

Thanks you all.