Sunday, June 30, 2013

3:57am~ chi-gal diariez

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Made an Ad for Purin and i's ANIME EXPO trip 

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We are going to be Golds Infinity Shop Staff at Anime Expo! I am excited to meet MichiNinoshka, and a whole bunch of other gals too while I am there.

Black Diamondなんで?でも、今年にAngeleekのメンバーは??カンパスサーミットないか?あたしの夢はAngeleekに入ってえた。2007年に思ったよ。でも、日本語が本当に下手だった。

Whats A Black Diamond? And what happened to the Angeleek members? Or Campus Summit? It was my dream to be in Angeleek back in 2007. But, my Japanese was bad, and now I still don't know a lot of words. But... I try.

Before college, I wanted friends , even around the world, but, I am shy and I wasn't too pretty back then. hahaha. but now? A few years ago I was accepted into Diamond gal sa,and my style improved a bit.

B*C 1st Gen

そして、Black Cherryのギャルサーを作った。スタイルとへアメイクETCはたくさん練習したwwwwたくさんパラパラをしてた(笑)新しいギャルファンとギャルにさがしていた!新しい人を会った。
Then, we (me la, tomo, and murphy) made Black Cherry. I was still practicing my style (hair, make up, clothes), and I para'd a lot! (laughs). I met a lot of people during that time.
hard core huh?

前には、さびしかった。本当に恥ずかしかった。でも、色々人に会た。Dj SiSen,もっとDjな2人、Vocaloidな女。。。。
Even though at times I was sad or lonely, or shy, I was able to meet people like Sisen, a few Japanese Djs from Japan at acen, And Yuu, the voice of a cute Vocaloid character. Being dressed up sure helped me a lot, and even dressing up differently, or noticing someones make up or nails, seemed to be a nice ice breaker, too!
Because I liked gal and other fashion, I became less and less shy, and a bit more outgoing.


i guess.... its a bit difficult maybe...

I wanna make more art and a short film....
mini self portrait

Monday, June 10, 2013

Art Exhibit and Shopping Day with Purin!

Saturday, I missed my mentor's Bday, but I networked and got an interview for a documentary about being a black gyaru, nerd, and artist with my Big sis Ashley Woods! I always wanted my art up and around Chicago, and also the world, so people can  see what I can do and what I choose to express. I wore a corset earlier at the showing, and I was pretty nervous talking about myself! I tend to talk in circles or talk too much, but I hope it ends up nice!


Ashley Woods drawing of Cammy!
dat ass.

I dressed a bit more daring for a little dinner with Phil to chill with his friend and just chat about random stuff. I wish I had a nice belt to match up with my outfit though,but I actually suck at belt buying. 

Sunday morning!

Went for a ponytail look today! My inspiration was Rikku from Final Fantasy10s with a lil bit of Cocona lol

 I went shopping with gyaru sister Purin! This was our first time shopping together, and we found some awesome stuff! I have not had a chance to shop because of hardcore budgeting lately, and not feeling what is in shops like Charlotte Russe or WetSeal. But, I was able to snag an AWESOME sale though!

me in sneakers?! but i think they are super cute though

Found a cute lil Betsey phone case!!! SO CUTE.
So frivolous! 

We all went out to eat at Hana in Skokie. It is such a beautiful place to grab a bite! 

Purin, Phil and I were discussing plans and goals for this year! Especially for not only ourselves, but for the gals in America to enjoy Chicago!

plz credit back


Purins Tofu X Bamboo Shoot X broccoli dish!

Oppa's Walnut Shrimp

Afterwards, I got to help screw in screws on a door. I love working on things, and I found my new fave tool! 

A1 White dress for a work party! クラブの白いドレス
A2 Black dress for night time 夜の黒いドレス
A3 Cute baggy shirt! tシャツ

A. Steve Madden Shades (so cute!!) 可愛いサングラス
B. bracelets
C. cute case to store my shades in my bag. Suggested by Purin! (thank u!) サングラスケース
D. Lotion! ロション!
E. Cute stickers for nails ;P 可愛いシール
F. Betsey phone case. Frivolous, but very cute! ケイタイポッケト

I can't shop too much because I have to budget for my trip in July!! 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Make Up vs No make!!

It is kind of amusing, this world, that if one always wears make up (if it is a bit more than "natural" make up) they are being "fake" or if they do not wear anything at all, they are "ugly". Or some people act like the world is going to fall apart if a girl who usually looks very pretty (from wearing some to a lot of make up), doesn't wear anything at all! 

A friend of mine sent me this video of Ms. Izumi Mana where people had made some big deal of her when she posted a photo with her make up on. 

Izumi Mana with out make up

For me, its like, BIG DEAL? But, when you are in the spot light all the time, when all eyes are on you and what you wear and how you dress helps solidify your identity (or part of it), I guess for some audience members, it is a big deal. However, they have to realize, that these idols, celebrities, make up gurus, adult stars, models, etc and so on, are people too and they are not "perfect" all the time.

Here are some more make and no make shots:

a three gal, three step process:
no make up, foundation+brows, then full face
Popular models before and after

How lashes and eyeliner can change the shape of the eye.

property of Leona J. Perine and please credit if used
My before and after. derp derp derp. 

I would have taken some of the Western gals before and after, but I kind of just rushed with this post, and didn't want to show off the pix without their permission.

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