Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Livin La Vida Gyaru in Chicago

Lisha's... Luxury life?

Casual Cute

So, I get to do quite a bit of stuff here in Chicago. I do a bunch of stuff not only because I like to keep busy, but to get funds for shopping or traveling and to keep from being bored. I am doing a bit of freelance photography/graphic design/blogging/clerical in Chicago to gain funds for shopping and also traveling and such.
I personally do not feel like my life is "luxurious" perse, but, I get to (try) to live as much of a gal life as possible, especially on a budget that includes living expenses... And boy oh boy, do I know about living on a budget!


I choose not to eat out a lot, or try not to spend money on take out, but sometimes I do treat myself to something pretty tasty. I prefer to eat fish or chicken over beef and pork, and I prefer not so greasy foods as well. I also get to drink a bit with my coworkers instead of going out, especially when it was cold! When it comes to food, I tend to not go over 25$, and that is I am really hungry. Most dinners, especially including tip, goes up to 20$, which includes a drink and maybe an appetizer or two.

Lishamisha22, lishamisha22
 Fine dining on a budget. Wonton soup with added udon noodles, and kung pao shrimp

  • Cheers! at work. 


 I also just found a place with the help of Phil, near the Blue line. This picture does not capture the beauty of the neighborhood so much, but I love walking out side and looking at nature and also the houses around me. Also, my part of the rent does not exceed 500$.


Whenever I go shopping, I look hardcore for deals, and usually head to the clearance and sales racks. I shop at The Magnificent Mile and sometimes at the WaterTower in Downtown Chicago (Wetseal, Charlotte Russe, F21, etc) and I also hit up thrift stores and second hand shops. If I have the time to, I customize old clothes, or make scarves, or a purse or two if I am feeling ambitious! I have not done a lot lately, but I might make something again.
Cross necklace by TheSevenology
 I also got this necklace from Keisha Howard of Sugar Gamers. I later gave it to my mom for a mother's day gift. :) 

Magazine Gifts for my collection! 

I also buy gyaru mags or items/clothes that I know I will want if I choose to buy them, and I try to buy things I will actually use quite a few times, than just once or twice, and tossing it. I try to spend wisely if I need to spend, and also save for important things. Some gal mags have gifts from popular brands. It is a nice way to get something cool and useful, and you also get more bang for your buck! 

Steve Madden purse for about 40$

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Acen 2013 Recap

This year was Acen's Sweet Sixteenth! For this year, and on behalf of Sugar Gamers,  I mostly cruised around, looking for cute loli's or gyaru,  interesting things to buy or look at, and to meet up with some of my friends.

Sam and Ashley A. Woods made their cosplays. I only got to see little snippets on their instagram, but I was so shocked at how great it came out!! Um, help me next year gaiz?
I met up with Sam, Naota, and Ash!

I met Rote (left pic) this year, and she was dressed in Lolita gear. SO CUTE. The first time I met her, she as cosplaying as Yuffie from FF7.

 I also do not meet gals who are outside of my circle of friends, but I spotted this cute Hime checking out the booths! She was very sweet, and I hope to meet her again someday!

 ^Checked up with Tori who helped run a Kpop booth, And ran into a cute girl who was donning some Co*lu clothes!
A lolita and dress maker/designer, and her mother. I love seeing things like this at conventions!

 A few people know this, but I was wayyyy too OBSESSED with Lolita fashion before I got into Gyaru style. So, I always look at what the Loli's are wearing, and check the Lolita fashion booths too!

oh yeaaa....

I love talking to cute girls at Acen. Sooo not
being a creepo.

Did press work. Yuu Asakawa is a beautiful lady who did voice work for A vocaloid. Shes so elegant and had pretty nails. 

Cosplay Renji wearing a  "cosplay doesn't equal consent" Shirt.

Brad Swaile is a pretty cool Canadian and has done voice work for a few Gundam Characters, and other characters in animation. He was a pretty chill and fun guy. 

Purin and I at the Press Room goofin around,

Bought this patches for a gift, and for myself too. moohahaha I guess these
kitties have used up all their lives??

I also bought a black Gloomy Bear kigu too. 
I didnt get to hang out and go to the rave, Soap Bubble, like how I usually do because I had to wake up early to be on a music video set for Ms. Nikki Lynette. 
( I will blog about that soon!)

Friday, May 17, 2013


Busy week for this busy bee! Finals are over, Acen is here, and I will be in a friend's, Nikki Lynette's music video shoot. I am nervous, yet excited for this but I think it will be fun.
この週末はNikki Lynetteのmusic ビデオにいるよ。 楽しそうね
I have been making so many plans this month that it feels overwhelming, but I can't wait til they fall into place! I have been making plans on cute little projects for Gal*luxy and to also have members of the gal community participate in some way (any one remember my Western Gal vid I made a whiiile back? )

C2E2 Coord

Face and Make up/lash style

No Make, Full make


Thursday, May 2, 2013


Working hard!

So, very early Saturday morning (til about 12:30am) I helped a few new cosplaying friends asa volunteer who are apart of Club Adventure. They all create and collaborate on making cardboard Transformer's gear. I got to meet them, and also lend my painting skills to help them edge their project along. They were all working so hard when I got there, and even though they had movies playing in the background, Club Adventure or "The Transformers" (they are known for their costumes at conventions in Chicago) were so productive and dedicated to getting their cosplays done!

Character reference for painting parts.

Even though I had work at 10am-3, I made it to C2E2  at 4 to network, and also talk about my blog, Midwest new gyaru-sa: Gal*Luxy, and how we were trying to bring the Gyaru Culture, a fresher and more positive one, to the Midwest.

After I left the SugarGamers booth at C2E2, I went to the After Party at Sakura Lounge where we held a raffle there and gave away some cool prizes.

My big sister Ashley A. Woods and friend Shomari. 
tri-artist power!!!

Dude! Why are you smiling?! Hopefully he is nervous!!

r2d2 was my fave. random fact... I had an r2d2 tomogotchi :P

The booth I was working at. 
Cute couple! ;)

I played this as a kid...

Jumpin for joy at the C2E2 AfterParty with Keisha Howard of SugarGamers
@Sakura Lounge in Chinatown!

I had quite a few pix, but editing them all would have been way too much with all the work I have to do!