Friday, April 26, 2013

The Aging Process (Whats my age again?)

{C2E2 afterparty tickets for Saturday are on sale tomorrow at the SugarGamers booth in Chicago!}

I usually like to blog about things or events that were made and carried out, but, I have been realizing that I am not the young hesitant young gal anymore. I am almost so close to getting my Bachelors of Fine Arts at Columbia College Chicago and trying to get some art shows going. It might be a while til I am super well known from my paintings (which would be part of my decadent dream come true!) but I am trying to get there this year. Hence why I am only popping in and out of a few gal comms at this moment.

 If I were a gal in Japan, I'd probably have a baby by now and looking a bit more normal and working somewhere normal. If I'm lucky, I might have my own clothing line like Kaoru Watanabe or my own cosmetics line like Tsubasa Masakawa. However, I am a black gyaru in America, in the Windy City, still going to college and trying to figure out what's happened, happening, and going to happen in my life.

During those times when I have to realize what I am doing seems to come natural now, but yet so foreign, , it makes me feel so much older than I remember. I bought a magazine just for the gift it had since it was so peculiar to me in a funny marketing tactic kind of way, and it turned out to be a magazine for less extravagantly dressed women who were into maybe a more "normal" lifestyle! It was looking into a magazine of what I could have chosen to look like, but I didn't.

More mag's gift.
(travel toothbrush, rinsing cup,cute drawstring pouch, and mirror).

I  guess I can be fancy when I go traveling?
Some of the coords are decent, but some do not call to me at all like how Blenda, Jelly, Ageha, and now Edge*S usually does for me now. But, they do have good tips on doing your eyebrows and also cooking tips and bento arrangements for healthy eating. 

Well, I have to get back to these projects that I think you guys might enjoy :P . Too many projects, Not enough time.


Keisha of SG also interviewed me for the sight as well about my fashion and lifestyle and my personal opinion on it.

Monday, April 22, 2013


So, its almost the end of April. Trying to push it with school, the finish line is in sight. Just can't let go of my drive. I NEED to get out of Columbia! ha.

Starting to collect gal mag freebies!/whats in my purse (gal side) 

Style for a Mitsuwa outing. I wish I could get a better pic of the hoodie from Berning Sho from my oppa! Its so badass!

Did my nails. 

I currently am in the process of revamping a lot of things (blog, banner, youtube,better content). So there will be posts here and there but I am trying to clean up everything and get some projects gal wise out there!
I also have another youtube vid and other vids waiting to be edited too. I will also be posting a new Gal Story/Reflection soon!

Also, for all my Chicago peeps, I will be at the SugarGamers's C2E2 after party this Saturday night! Buy your tickets at the SugarGamers booth!
Lets have a lil fun together!

Monday, April 8, 2013

GalLuxy Weekend recap!

Man, with finals around the corner, I almost forgot to post about the weekend!
Here is a quick post! I have more to show, but it will be shown a bit later and it's part of a secret project. ;)

Our Me2 preview made by Purin!

Purin and I's nails
Purin and I rode the Greyhound. It was.... not that impressive to be honest. 
On Friday, we warmed up and wound down at Oasis Hot Tub Gardens In Ann Arbor. They tried to charge us more before we wanted to relax, and one of the front desk ladies, or man?, was very rude to us! 

Mama Kai, me and Bulaklak's Coco!

Group shot with a teacher of the college in Ann Arbor

Kai is our Sith gal!

Pepa, Purin and I played the Para Para Paradise game! 
Being silly

Eep! I was caught doing a mini gyaru interview to Pepa's friend Katie. 

Gyaru doing a gyaru photoshoot!

Also, if you have gyaru related clips, you can participate in the Gaijin Gyaru Awards!