Sunday, March 24, 2013


Libra Snakes
me! lol
For today....

I was at Woodfield Mall trying to pick out the last pieces of an outfit I needed to get for the Gal*Luxy Midwest me2 up in Michigan with my partner! I also checked and talked to people around the mall. I really liked this art gallery here, and I hope to have some of my works hanging there too for an exhibit and not just in downtown Chicago !! I hope I can do some art shows or SOMETHING before I get out of college. Well besides stuff that my art teacher put me in.

For Beauty gets...

My lashes came from Dtan! She was sellign packs before she went to China, I think for an internship! Way to go gal! She will not be taking any orders until she is back in the states, and is a nice way to get a few styles which I think is a plus in my eyes.

These are crappy pictures, but Yay! cute little gifts and a cute note for being one of her regular customers for the Lash Packs!
Thanks Dtan! Plus, I like the idea of doing custom packs with her because... You get variety! You get to try out different styles, or try out something new without wasting a full pack of lashes if you bought them instore! 

Ms. Pepa herself!
By the way, this me2 up, It is Pepa's second (?) gal event coordination in the midwest, and I bet it will be just as awesome! She has that old school flair and sassiness that I LOVE that some new gals do not seem to have. She also has that passion for the older styles and how it seemed bold and fun and carefree and into having get togethers! That is why I wanted to be in a galcir with her!!

I am so happy that we started to talk to each other I think she is sooo badass to me!


Nami and Tomo's dog trying to wake me up when I slept over?
Or watching me...while I pretend to take pix of him?

I hope you guys will look forward to our first Gyaru Me2 Up posts!!


Monday, March 18, 2013


I'm up super late working on a portfolio piece for class. I have been really studying and working on quite a bit of projects and assignments that I feel will be a nice example of how I have grown as a person and as an artist. I just really cannot wait for the March gyaru meet for Midwest gals to wind down a bit.

Thinking on it, it seems like a long time since when I wanted to be in Colulu Lovelies and got into Diamond Gyaru sa instead. A longer time when Black*Cherry was born with Tomo, La, Murphy and myself in a Chipotle in Oak Park Chicago. An even longer time when I first saw the FIRST Chicago based gyaru sa, Kamikaze, with Tomo, La, and Murphy, and wanted to be in them when I first became a gyaru back in around 2007.

The scene seemed so different to me, and was not just about girls dressing a certain way for just attention, but the want to connect to other gals and have FUN.

I can go on about this, but maybe it will have to be for another time.

I also am practicing my photoshop skills, and asked Rii of Utsukushii Gal blog to edit one of her photos. I admired her style back in the day, and I think she has matured into a beautiful mature gal!
I saw her recent photos even had that sweet, mature look I see in mags like Blenda or Jelly. So I wanted to mess around with one of her pictures, and make them look as if she were in one of those magazines. I always liked to mess around with photo editing and try to produce a nice effect or image. I hope you guys and gals will like it! And I hope she does too!!

I should be sleeping soon~

Good Night~

Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013-03-05 to 03-08

On Saturday, Purin and her boyfriend and my partner chilled at Mitsuwa. It was pretty fun, and we dressed up despite the cold! I found some cosplayers who I hope to see at Acen too.

Thank you for letting me take your photo!

Sweet Purin and Tough Lisha

At the food court~

You can also check out her post for this day here.

Sunday, Purin and I had a photoshoot with a friend, David of DSA Photography. It was a very cute themed shoot! It was a first for David to do something with a lighter theme, and it was my first time doing a little art directing and helping with the photos and such.

Monday night, I and my partner got dressed up to go to a Muse concert. He got us vip tickets, and it was a very exciting experience! Simply put, Muse was awesome. I have not heard a lot of music from them since I was in high school, so seeing them at the United Center with all the fog and people was mind blowing.

I really wish I could have gotten a good pic of my outfit! oh well. It was just a corset, and black shiny look leggings.

Also, I have a kind of big blog post about my gal journey and my thoughts! I hope my readers will like it. :)