Friday, September 28, 2012


I am so excited for this saturday! Mama kai is visiting chicago again! I havnt seen her since the halloween meet like two years ago!
I also get to meet Tori too.
I hope to have a decent outfit and some pictures as well!

Friday, September 7, 2012


First post of the school year on their internet!
heh heh heh


So... I am not ready for this semester, but only two more semesters after this.
I have even gotten an art blog ready, and fixed my tumblr with the help of Moni (kagamaroo) and some other buddies. I usually get too stressed out with making stuff because I want a vanilla (non kinky or fetishy) site for super corporate type of business stuff, and then a site for all my work and such and then I can make business cards.
I over think things and I over complicate stuff, but I hope I can pull it off!

I just hate having a million log ins and sites and such
So yeah... gonna keep working on this stuff and also get home and work on prints and stuff.