Friday, August 31, 2012

Couple pix before school starts

Just some pix really. Not looking forward to another semester especially since I need to retake a class from last semester. Lame.
I am also thinking of trying to graduate faster by heading for a regular BA instead of a BFA.
I really just want to jump into my  career or atleast sell some art, get paid doing nails, or do some freelancing.

Besides that, my longest, pointiest nail set will probably be taken off like on sunday night or monday after  I have pix taken with a hopefully decent kuronba coord . They lasted a good two weeks and can survive another but I cant braid hair with long nails on. Lol

Monday, August 20, 2012

Busy weekend

This weekend was pretty busy for me. I went to a birthday party for an 11yr old and it was pretty fun. The new thing are Monster High dolls which is pretty darn cool compared to your old school barbie or even bratz dolls. I really like the cat eared Girl.
Then Ash and I made our way back to Tomo's where us three and Sam had a fun sleep over talking about random stuff and getting mad while watching paranormal activity 2 .
Tomo's dogs are so sweet! I also met Tina the tarantula and watched her catch a cricket  and lay down some web.
Today, I just  bought a waxing kit cuz I'm tired of shaving and some lacey pantyhose, an easy item to buy cuz I've been lost on clothes shopping -_-
Buuuuut, the black batwing top I bought recently which is cute.
Also school is coming around the corner, and I  have yet to type up 2-3 posts -_- gahh.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Comic Con weekend

We go way back.

Black Artists Unite!

This last weekend, I helped out at the  Sugar Gamers booth at Comic Con Chicago aka Wizard World  and also got to do some networking and talking to various artists as well!
I got some pretty helpful tips for working on con commissions, doing art in general and also played Soul Caliber against some of the  Sugar Gamers. Whooped some ass and got whooped myself ┓(*´゚ω`)┏ but it was fun.
It was interesting being more behind the scenes at a convention and being a bit more business minded than most  of my con going days.
Also  had found some old highschool friends who banded together to do comix! Totally inspiring.
One of these days I will totally sell art at a con.
Even met Cerita! I think its the first time meeting...? XO

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bon Oodori 2012

I went to Mitsuwa for the summer dance festival with my friend Ashley,her mom and her friend Kevin. I also met up with Seneca and then Kevi. Havnt seen them since Acen! Moments later I met up with Purin and had a lunch together. Then we shopped and browsed around for snacks,drinks Etc and I ran into more friends.
When it rained,Mitsuwa became a little more crowded from all the outside people taking shelter. I also met a reader of my blog,Angela! Too bad it was just for a few minutes, but there is always next time, yea?
After waiting the rain out, we got more food and I caught a  glimpse of the festival dancers before my group headed home.
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