Sunday, April 22, 2012

Anime STL and Honey Tea Maid Cafe!

This weekend I traveled down to Saint Louis for the first time to attend the Maid Cafe for Anime STL.
I got to serve some interesting customers, played rock paper scissors for like two hours straight because a girl wanted to win my prize ( a cute bento bag with strawberry print) . She had to beat me 50 times to win it! She was determined!
Here are some pictures from my trip~
on the megabus, ready to gooooo!



on the road~

The Maid Cafe I am in

Set up~


my table decoration~

Me n moni! shes so adorable!!

R2 D2

Omg, they were awesome!

for the fashion show. 


bought me a moogle!

My bus actually was at 6.30 pm while Nami's was 4.10, but I was able to get a seat on the 4.10 bus! yeah!

the group! and our butler! 
I had a fun time with them!!
I cannot wait for next year!

I have alot of fond memories from this weekend ~
VV maid cafe vids VV

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April gets~

So got quite a bit of stuff ~ Well... not alot of clothing related stuff, but still fun shopping for stuff.

my drawing tablet! whee~


i think i will get another turquoise and get it made into jewelry

boots, 50 and 48 bucks!

and i bought these from Pin!
I love them! thank youuu!

i want to do some printmaking!

lino board and water colours~

I also bought my maid dress and a sailor fuku too. I will also be buying final fantasy 8 for my laptop cuz that is my GAME! so many memories!! I think I would seriously cry if Square did a redo of the graphics for that game! I would be in HEAVEN