Friday, February 10, 2012


So, besides school and studying Japanese still, I like to try things out with my hair. I bleached it recently and tried to get in some grey tones, but it only worked in a few spots... so I ended up bleaching them out a little. Still have this one little awkward grey/ash spot though, but whatever.

 I might buy an ash blonde toner to get a little more yellow out, but this is the lightest my hair has been. EVER. I even have a random almost white blonde spot hidden under the layers near the top because I didn't notice the bleach was still in the area.... But I do know that I will be doing some hardcore conditioning now.
I might even buy a purple  or blue dye and do some punky streaks in the blonde part or something. Something a little edgy and cute.

Whenever I find a decent set of extensions, I think I will buy a grey/silver colour to mix in with black(dark brown)for the right side of my head. No clue really. Just hope it doesn't end up looking stupid because visualizations are different from actually doing something! Especially since my hair is mostly a black/choco red brown on the right side with NO grey there whatsoever....  hrm... oh well. 

Ill think of something I guess. But right now, this is pretty decent. Might get some extensions just for some length and call it a day for right now while I figure this out...