Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter Gal me2

So, I met with, tomo, kai, and toru to go to purin's for a me2. We played some tekkon ate snacks and drank a little bit and chatted it up. We also skyped with pepa too since she couldnt make it.
We got some big plans for 2013. :)
On sunday, kai, tori, and tomo and i looked around at shops and we found the cutest soap place. The soaps and lotions were pastry and sweets theme! So cute!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I am hoping for big changes and lots of happiness. I feel that in this day and age, and in society in general we forget things that makes us happy. True things that makes us happy. The little things. The simple things.

I feel like I know the root of depression and stuff like that (well, atleast for me, and maybe some close people). I feel that there are so many expectations and if you are too different, either you care about them , or you dont. If you are expected by age 23 to have a, b, c, d, etc, and you only have a few of those, you might feel pressured or sad that it didnt happen for you. But damn, that is what someone else says YOU should get. SOMEONE ELSE!

That bit helped me out so much, and I feel like the darkness that would overtake me, has grown so little, just a shadow. I dont have to feel bad about some stuff. It is what it is. I am surviving, that should be good enough. Maybe I like things too simple >: D

But, thinking simply can just get the clutter off your mind. Taking time out for yourself, clearing your mind, etc. Get a grip on things and move on and keep learning.


This week, Moga came to Chicago. I swore the dinner meet we had with tomo and kira*kira and i was was for wedsnesday...but luckily I  wasnt sleep yet, and was able to make it out on monday night . 
I think they took a few better pix than i did -_____-.

On Saturday, I went out with Sam and Ashley. We played Dance Central and a taiko drum game. SO cute!

I am not too coordinated when it comes to instruments but I tried! lol

Ash and I at the art show her friend was hosting.

I have less than a month left for this semester. SO STRESSFUL. I just want to sleep, but I am planning out my time for projects and studying. 
gah... Why cant I make a super awesome clone to go to school for me?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sweet Look trial

So, Lolo is a super cutie gyaru that pulls off light,"natural" gal looks so nice!
 I usually only go light for job interviews, or when I am running late to class, but I decided to actually put forth the effort to make a sweet look.
Many of you may recall that I used to lay on my eyeliner pretty thick and bold! Even Rio said my face looked naked in the sweet looks.


Here is my sweet eye make style:

no liner, just lashes
i think i used celeb eye and a half of nudy lash for the bottom

Top liner and shadow + glamorous lash and half of nudy eye lash

top liner and half way bottom liner and shadow+ cats eye with a half wing for length, nudy eye plus a cut up lash from the beauty supply. 

These aren't in order AT ALL, but some different styles I was messing around with.

The only thing is, I don't dress "cute". Either casual or a more bold crazy sexy style.... Not sure what to do if I want to do sweet looks more often. O.o;;

Thursday, November 1, 2012

So... You Want to Wear Something Short?

I sometimes see gals post things about clothes being too short, usually skirt or dress wise.
I know you don't want a panty slip, or have your dress rise up when you are dancing or getting up from sitting down, or what have you.

So what is the the best thing?
You can do one of two things:

1. Buy shorts or shorts like items that are skin tight.
like black spanks, or something that can be concealed and also give you coverage!
2. Make quick 'shorts' out of leggings.
All you have to do is cut the legs off and you are good to go(they might roll up a bit though, so keep that in mind if they are really tight.)

Now, unless you are just insecure about your legs, this is helpful. You dont have to worry about creepers trying to catch a glimpse of your boo-thang or your cooter, and you don't have to worry about showing off your undies to strangers!! (Just make sure you do neaten your skirt or dress though!)

Easy way to wear your skirts! And also being modest in a way.

I wore shorts under the skirt because it was hella short.
Skirt isn't that long, but thin shorts for just in case.

Not alot of examples.... but I hope that helps any gals out if they are worried about panty flashing!


Monday, October 29, 2012

October is drawing to a close

Libra season is over! I think...
I celebrated my 23rd bday by  myself on monday. It wasnt so  bad. Prettu mellow and i had some awesome dessert too, and free beers!
On  friday, i got to chill with sam, tomo, and ashley and got some cute gifts! I can take my lunch with me in style with a cute  lil bento! Pix later for that.

I have been more focused on school and trying to get an online  portfolio ready before i graduate next year. Hard stuff.
Also my doing gal has kind of halted because of the stress, and its not even finals time yet! I also want  to try a vk inspired looks too.
Need to get back into blogging...but  about what?

Also, hi new followers!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gyaru Meme

I had this saved as a draft like...months ago! lol
but here goes:

> 1. How would you define your style?
Let's see... rocker, casual rock,slight kuronba... Cool,rock,stylish black...My style has changed a bit over the years, but i think it still kind of fits those categories.

> 2. What do you like about blogging?
I dont know actually! Lol I love writing, so I guess thats what brought me to it.
I used to like keeping a diary, but I also like writing stuff so maybe someone else can enjoy too, or see a snippet of life through my eyes.

> 3. What is you absolute favorite beauty item and Why?
Hrm... face cleaners . Haha. I like the ones that exfoliate the skin, keeps it in better condition for make up too.

> 4.What kind of Music do you enjoy?
Different types. Rock to classical from enka to reggae.

> 5.What is your favorite Beauty Brand? 
Not sure actually.

> 6.What's Your favorite Color?
Black,red,silver,dark blue.

> 7.Tell me something about you that most people wouldn't expect?
I can be shy lol, and i am a little bit tall.

> 8.Lipstick or Lipgloss?
tinted Lipgloss

> 9.How tall are you?

> 10.What's your Favorite Magazine and Why?
My recent fave is Soul Sister. So cool,sexy and badass!

> 11.What are your top 5 Favorite blogs?

i dont think tumblr counts??? but if it does

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gyaru Get Together 9/29

So Kai , Tori, and Pepa came up to Chicago for a little weekend of fun. I havnt seen Kai in about two years, never met Tori, and Only said hi to Pepa at Acen because we were trying to get to the hotel .

We just ate, and did a little drinking, and catching up and lots of bonding!

My outfit. DIA inspired with a dia belt


Tori and Kai!

tori and sam

me and mama Kai

me corrupting tomos pix lol

awww, poor jimmy lol


me and purin
We bonded so much that night! hopefully we can come up with a nice meet to have some more fun too!

On saturday i got to hang with kevi.

Saturday i just chilled with Kevi , Kai and Tori as Kai and Tori waited for their train home

I hope that it doesnt take me and Kai to reunite with another 2 year gap! lol
the top pic was from two years ago, and us now!

On Monday,just hung with Sam, tomo, Jimmy and Pepa for a lil bit.
just chillin at forever yogurt , waitin on Pepa and Jimmy

This weekend was one of the most fun one I have had in a looong while. Need more of these.!

Friday, September 28, 2012


I am so excited for this saturday! Mama kai is visiting chicago again! I havnt seen her since the halloween meet like two years ago!
I also get to meet Tori too.
I hope to have a decent outfit and some pictures as well!

Friday, September 7, 2012


First post of the school year on their internet!
heh heh heh


So... I am not ready for this semester, but only two more semesters after this.
I have even gotten an art blog ready, and fixed my tumblr with the help of Moni (kagamaroo) and some other buddies. I usually get too stressed out with making stuff because I want a vanilla (non kinky or fetishy) site for super corporate type of business stuff, and then a site for all my work and such and then I can make business cards.
I over think things and I over complicate stuff, but I hope I can pull it off!

I just hate having a million log ins and sites and such
So yeah... gonna keep working on this stuff and also get home and work on prints and stuff.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Couple pix before school starts

Just some pix really. Not looking forward to another semester especially since I need to retake a class from last semester. Lame.
I am also thinking of trying to graduate faster by heading for a regular BA instead of a BFA.
I really just want to jump into my  career or atleast sell some art, get paid doing nails, or do some freelancing.

Besides that, my longest, pointiest nail set will probably be taken off like on sunday night or monday after  I have pix taken with a hopefully decent kuronba coord . They lasted a good two weeks and can survive another but I cant braid hair with long nails on. Lol

Monday, August 20, 2012

Busy weekend

This weekend was pretty busy for me. I went to a birthday party for an 11yr old and it was pretty fun. The new thing are Monster High dolls which is pretty darn cool compared to your old school barbie or even bratz dolls. I really like the cat eared Girl.
Then Ash and I made our way back to Tomo's where us three and Sam had a fun sleep over talking about random stuff and getting mad while watching paranormal activity 2 .
Tomo's dogs are so sweet! I also met Tina the tarantula and watched her catch a cricket  and lay down some web.
Today, I just  bought a waxing kit cuz I'm tired of shaving and some lacey pantyhose, an easy item to buy cuz I've been lost on clothes shopping -_-
Buuuuut, the black batwing top I bought recently which is cute.
Also school is coming around the corner, and I  have yet to type up 2-3 posts -_- gahh.