Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shopping haul!!

I bought some cute stuff. Yes, food counts too when it comes to shopping. Why not, right?

Mens Shirt from Forever21. Super cute!!

I found this in Agaci

Sexy dress for the club!

Boots from Charlotte Russe. They were on sale!

Necklace charm from cute shop in Chinatown

Cute rings from a cute shop in Chinatown

Forever 21 mens shirt

Shades and glasses from Shopping at State Street. Charlotte Russe
I want to try a cowboy theme soon!

Lotso random stuff! Food and snacks like Instant udon and Mochi, Shrimp chips and noodles for cooking from Chinatown
I really like the Udon bowls! They are so good and convenient!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

ACen Photos

image heavy*
FINALLY posting these pix from late May lol.
Please enjoy.
I didnt get a lot of shots, but there wasnt a lot of great cosplays this year in my opinion. I did gyaru style as usual lol and I met up with Dino and Alan to dance Koi Shita Ano Natsu with a group of his friends too.
Second day, Saturday, met up with Kira*Kira and Krystal plus Moga and Juli and Kevi.
Also drank with Alan, Dino, their friends plus my old friend Crys from highschool. good times lol. I missed the rave though because I was pretty out of it lol

my outfit for the para event with ALan and Dino <3
that belt makes my waist super tiny! :D