Friday, January 28, 2011

2011年1月28日 黒!

A peek of my nails too! They are a bit soft on the inside. I guess the gel was just for painting and not to make it into a nail. :(

New black boots, and pumps and ring.
Krystal's mom bought me the boots. It was a bit awkward for me. v.v but thank you so much.
Buying things makes me happy! lol

I also ate calamari with Krystal and her mom.
It was so good!
I also had sweet and spicey chicken... it was a bit too sweet for me.


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Thursday, January 13, 2011

San Fransisco (pix part 2)

Mostly "at the ocean" pix
When I was at the ocean, I felt like I was close to heaven.
I thought I wouldn't be too impressed, but dayum, I was hella wrong. It was magical, even though a random cute dog tried to take my seashells out of my hand lol

At the Betty Page store. I LOVE this cute little shop.
They had a black shiny bag with studs on it that i am in LOVE with.
Im not a fan of the house dresses though >.>;,
 but i like the thigh highs, books, undergarments and shoes they carried though. 

awkward pose lol

My hair is a fuggin mess! ughh... makes me want to get a perm again >.<
and lose some inches off mah belly LOL

Just chillin. Watching the sun go down.

left my phone, but this is a decent pic though

fawk... my bangs...

San Fransisco (pics part 1)

I started packing today. It's so depressing...
I dont want to leave, but no choice.
I got to see my boyfriend again, My friends Mikko,Janis,& Toure again.
Got to meet Dolly for the first time.
Fell in love with udon noodle soup and spicy tuna don.
Drank so much Japanese beer.
Rode together on my bb's Harley.
Saw the sunset and the ocean.
Got to purikura again.
Got introduced to alot of my boyfriend's friends.

I really wish my flight was canceled for friday and I can just go on Saturday.
I feel so bummed out. Didnt even hang out with Mikko and Janis on Weds. :( And I also left my phone too . I am hoping to come back for my spring vacation though.

Now a pic spam: